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Our factory is located in Blacksea Ereğli which has a distinguished role in the industrial development of west Blacksea region. Ereğli is an industrial city in which our factory is located. The city is located in the most adavantegous region of Turkey in terms of transportation by its own port and a close highway.

Our mission has been to raise the service quality to the highest level the market demands. With this mission we have been one of the leading companies of our industry in a very short time.

Today, in our moder facilities, 4400 m2 closed are total 12000 m2, we continue to serve the market. Both by service quality and by product quality we continue to develop our company.

Especially after 2000, we focused on machinery production. Serving the pipe – profile industry with below lines for sheet processing;
• Welded pipe – profile line
• Slitting Line
• Longitudinal cut line
• Open profile line
We do also produce special machinery and design as per specific demads of the market.

Welded pipe and profiles are produced in accordance with the international standards in the welded pipe lines we supply.

In accordance with the needs of our customer we produce coil winders, drums, burr winders, straightening and ironing rollers.

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